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Martin Bouchard is an Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University in the School of Criminology. Currently the director of the International CyberCrime Research Centre, Martin Bouchard has served as associate director for the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society. His work is primarily concerned with illicit markets and the roles of social networks in various criminal career outcomes. He was awarded the 2013 SFU Dean of Graduate Studies Award for Excellence in supervision.

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May 7: There is still time to register to my 5-Day intensive course on “Social network analysis for crime analysts” at SFU May 30 to June 3 2016. Focus on police data but anyone wanting to learn about SNA is welcome.

May 7: There is still time to register to our cybercrime conference IEEE ICCCF June 12-14 in Vancouver. Keynotes from B. Dupont, T. Holt, M. Levi, T McCreight. We are grateful that many of the top cybercrime scholars will give talks.

May 6: Our meta on gang prevention programs is out! We found 6 studies amenable to effect size calculations, and concluded in favor of these programs. The caveat being that most of the effect is driven by a single, large sample study. Jen Wong (lead), Jason Gravel, Karine Descormiers, and Carlo Morselli are co-authors.

May 6: Fresh off the press, our paper in JRCD on ! It took on average 7 years for growers to move from first use to first grow. Took significantly less time for the minority who reported having a mentor. Congrats to PhD student Marie Ouellet (lead author), and Aili Malm who were co-authors on the piece.

May 5: Our report on the role of the
Internet in trajectories of violent extremism is now available on the website! Selecting only violent extremists for which the Internet played some kind of role (n = 15), we found that only a minority could be considered as pure online radicals. Our typology is based on whether the Internet played a role at the entry stage, and then whether it played a role in the later stages. Benjamin Ducol in the lead, Garth Davies, Christine Neudecker, and Marie Ouellet are co-authors

April 29: Congrats to alumna Sadaf Hashimi on getting accepted to the PhD program in criminology at Rutgers U! She doubled the good news by obtaining a SSHRC scholarship, wow! You will be missed around here.

April 28: We had a great SERENE-RISC workshop on cyber-security in Vancouver. Thanks to all who come, find out more about S-R here

April 25: Congrats to Evan Thomas for the successful defence of his MA thesis! We were lucky to have the external examiner, Lorraine Bowman Grieve, in person. The thesis examines the effect of ISIS-related events on the online social networks of ISIS followers. Evan found that events “catch on” online when opinion leaders are involved; without those, otherwise similar events are ignored.

April 7: Wow! Big congrats to PhD student Marie Ouellet who won the “best student paper award” at Sunbelt 2016! The paper uses innovative methods to map the evolution of communities within the network of the Toronto 18 terrorist group, from its early stages to its demise. There were over 21 submissions to the competition this year.

April 6: My SSR paper with Bryce Westlake on online communities around child exploitation websites is now available online!

March 3 – Congrats to PhD student Marie Ouellet who just received news that she got a postdoctoral SSHRC scholarship! She is to U Montreal to study corruption networks in the construction industry with Carlo Morselli.

March 2 – Paper “A method to detect criminal organizations from police data” (Hashimi, Bouchard, Morselli, and Ouellet) is now published online in Methodological Innovations! Open access

Feb 27 – A good review (in French) of my edited book Radical and Connected

Feb 27 – I’m now on twitter – @MBouchardCrim

Feb 26 – Great job by the “pod” today (Evan Thomas, Philippa Levey, Bryan Monk) at the TSAS workshop on countering violent extremism in Ottawa! Other collaborators who could not be present include Sadaf Hashimi, Joseph Mei, and colleague Richard Frank.

Feb 25 – Sadaf Hashimi and I got a paper accepted in the Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice! The paper “When is a ‘war’ a ‘wave’? Two approaches for the detection of waves in gang homicides” examines patterns in some of the recent gang conflicts in BC, Canada, providing a framework to discriminate between periods of heightened levels of violence, and bona fide “waves” of gang violence.

Feb 25 – My colleague Jennifer Wong (lead), Carlo Morselli, as well as graduate students Jessica Bouchard, Jason Gravel, and I had this paper accepted in Criminal Justice and Behavior: “”Can at-risk youth be diverted from crime? A meta-analysis of restorative justice diversion programs”. This is Jessica’s first publication, congrats!

Feb 25 – (big day today!). My colleague Garth Davies (lead), Benjamin Ducol, as well as grad students Christine Neudecker, Marie Ouellet and I had this paper accepted in Journal for Deradicalization: “Toward a Framework to Assess Online Programs for Countering Violent Extremism”. Six online CVE programs are examined against ‘best practices’ in this area. This is Christine’s first published paper, congrats! Paper available here

Jan 28 – Good news! Bryce Westlake, Ashleigh Girodat and I got a paper accepted at Deviant Behavior. For this study, we let go of the web-crawler’s capacity for automated analyses in order to analyze the content of a sample of hundreds of websites connected (indirectly or not) to others known to contain illegal child exploitation images. The title gives away our research question: “How obvious is it?: The content of child sexual exploitation websites”

Jan 27 – Bryce Westlake (lead) and I just got a paper accepted in Social Science Research! The paper examines the hyperlinking patterns of websites containing child exploitation material, as well as the larger online communities in which they are embedded. This is Bryce’s third paper from his PhD that is accepted for publication, congrats!

Dec 10 – Owen Gallupe (lead), Holly Nguyen, Jennifer Schulenberg, Allison Chenier, Katie Cook and myself have a paper forthcoming in Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. The paper “An experimental test of deviant modeling” is a very cool piece presenting the results of two related randomized experiments in which participants were given a chance to steal a gift card (ostensibly worth $15) from the table in front of them.

Nov 1 – Owen Gallupe, Garth Davies and I published in the Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice this month. The paper “Delinquent displays and social status among adolescents” revisits the notion of popularity and delinquency using network data.

Oct 15 – Many of us (Richard Frank, Garth Davies, Joseph Mei and I) at the ICCRC co-authored a book chapter out this month in book Cybercrime Risks and Responses: Eastern and Western Perspectives. Our chapter looks at methods to differentiate websites proposing extremist content from others.

Oct 1 – Sadaf Hashimi (lead), Marie Ouellet, Carlo Morselli and I just got a paper accepted in the inaugural issue of new Sage Journal Methodological Innovations: The paper “A method to detect criminal organizations from police data” should be out early in the new year.

Sept 15 – Bryce Westlake (lead), Richard Frank, and I just got a paper accepted in Sexual Abuse! The paper examines the validity of a web-crawler collecting online data on child exploitation websites. This is Bryce’s second paper from his PhD that is accepted for publication, congrats!

Sept 1 – The paper co-authored with Jennifer Wong (lead), Jason Gravel, Karine Descormiers, Carlo Morselli and I “Promises kept? A meta-analysis of gang membership prevention programs” was recently accepted for publication in Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice!

August 5, 2015 – Congratulations to Sadaf Hashimi who successfully defended her MA thesis today! Papers for publication already in the works, stay tuned.

August 4, 2015 – Congratulations to Bryce Westlake who successfully defended his PhD dissertation today! Bryce is moving on to a tenure-track faculty position at San Jose State University, best of luck in your future endeavors!

June 30, 2015 – Joanna Amirault, myself, as well as colleagues Andresen and Farrell got a paper accepted in the venerable (105 years old) Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology! The paper analyzes the sentencing trends for terrorist offenders in Canada 1963 to 2010, with a focus on the effect of the 2001 ATA on sentences.

June 23, 2015 – The CFP for the 4th International Conference on CyberCrime and Computer Forensic (ICCCF) that my colleagues and I are organizing at SFU Harbour Centre in Vancouver June 12-14 2016 is now open. Deadline for abstracts is January 31, 2016.

June 18, 2015 – Radical and Connected has been published! The book is now available through Routledge and Amazon. Those who are interested in buying it, contact me directly for a 30% rebate

June 17, 2015 – I was fortunate to participate, with many colleagues around the world, to a report of the National Academy of Sciences on the state of knowledge on Illicit Tobacco Markets. Report now available for free here, general “brief” available here.

May 29, 2015 – Bryce Westlake and I just published a paper in Justice Quarterly on the “criminal careers” of illegal websites, available here.  Bryce’s first paper derived from his PhD, congratulations Bryce!

May 6, 2015 – PhD Alumna Joanna Amirault is going to receive a Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal, congratulations to Joanna! Joanna will be the second alumna in two years to receive this award, with Becky Nash having won the award last year.

May 1, 2015 – Alumna Joanna Amirault and I have had her second PhD paper on sentencing patterns of terrorists accepted and currently available online in the European Journal of Criminology. An excellent piece finding terrorists arrested in 2006 or after (post London 05 bombings) were sentenced less harshly than those arrested in 2004 or 2005.

April, 2015 – Congratulations to Alumna Holly Nguyen (MA – 2009) who successfully defended her PhD at University of Maryland!

March 13, 2015 – Alumnus Owen Gallupe and I published in Rationality and Society this month, congratulations Owen.

March, 2015 – The GCCRC published a special issue on domestic cannabis cultivation in International Journal of Drug Policy! Available here. Alumna Holly Nguyen, colleague Aili Malm, and I published a paper on cannabis cultivation and deterrence, take a look here