Street Gangs and Organized Crime

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McCuish, E., Bouchard, M., Corrado, R. (2014). Searching for suitable homicide co-offenders among gang members. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice. Online First.

Little is known about homicide co-offending networks at the individual gang member level. Of particular interest is whether and to what degree gang members who are selected to participate in murder are different from those who are not. The current study constructed the co-offense network of 18 participants from the Incarcerated Serious and Violent Young...

Bouchard, M., Morselli, C. (2014). Opportunity structures of organized crime. In Paoli, L. (Ed). Handbook of Organized Crime. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Bouchard, M., Morselli, C. (2014). Opportunity structures of organized crime. In Paoli, L. (Ed). Handbook of Organized Crime. Oxford University Press, Oxford. Oxford University Press Oxford University Press

Bouchard, M., Konarski, R. (2014). Assessing the core membership of a youth gang from its co-offending network. Pp. 81-93 in C. Morselli (Ed.). Crime and Networks. Criminology and Justice Series. New York: Routledge.

The dynamic and sometimes diffuse nature of membership make gang boundaries sometimes difficult to discern for law enforcement officials or researchers, and even for members themselves. The current study draws on social network analysis of co-offending data to assess its utility in identifying the “core” membership of a youth gang active in a rural region...

Gravel, J., Bouchard, M., Descormiers, K., Wong, J., Morselli, C. (2013). Keeping promises: Logic models, and the design of a new classification of gang control strategies. Journal of Criminal Justice, 41: 228-242.

We argue that inadequate frameworks to compare similar gang control strategies, and the scarcity of well-designed evaluations have hindered our ability to determine the effectiveness of existing programs. This article proposes a new typology of gang control strategies to use with logic models as tools to improve gang program evaluation. Journal of Criminal Justice

Bouchard, M., Nguyen, H. (2011). Professional or amateurs? Revisiting the notion of professional crime in the context of cannabis cultivation. Ch. 7 In T. Decorte, G. Potter, and M. Bouchard (Eds). World Wide Weed: Global Trends in Cannabis Cultivation and its Control. London: Ashgate.

A theoretical review of the way in which we categorize criminals based on experience and success. Ashgate Amazon

Bouchard, M., Spindler, A. (2010). Gangs, groups, and delinquency: Does organization matter? Journal of Criminal Justice, 38: 921-933.

A consistent finding of research on delinquency has been that gang members show higher levels of delinquent behavior than non-gang members. However, research attempting to understand the mechanisms underlying this finding is lacking. The basic premise of the current article is that the level of organization found in delinquent groups and gangs matters in clarifying...

Bouchard, M., Wilkins, C. (2010). Illegal Markets and the Economics of Organized Crime. London: Routledge.

This book showcases recent advances in the theoretical and empirical understanding of the economic aspects of organised crime and illegal markets. It provides new insights into defining and quantifying the influence of organised crime by drawing on innovative approaches to studying criminal networks and organisations such as the Hell's Angels. The book includes analysis of...