Thesis Title

Joanna Amirault, PhD, 2011-2014 – defended August 2014
Criminalizing terrorism: The impact of context and cohort effects on the sentencing outcomes of terrorist offenders

Owen Gallupe, PhD, 2009-2012 – defended July 2012
The symbolic benefits of delinquency for adolescent

Rebecca Nash, PhD, 2010-2013 – defended August 2013
Trusting the con man: The role of social networks in the diffusion of frauds

Wei Wang, PhD, 2009-2013 – defended August 2013
Conventional capital, criminal capital, and criminal careers in drug trafficking 

Morena Anamali, MA, 2011-2013 – defended April 2013
Depends who offers and where offered: The context of drug offers and first time cannabis use

Jonathan Basamanowicz, MA, 2009-2011 – defended in May 2011
Release groups and digital copyright piracy

Jason Gravel, MA, 2011-2013 – defended August 2013
Jack-of-all-trades: Social capital, criminal versatility and brokerage in a street gang network

Kila Joffres, MA, 2010-2012 – defended April 2012
Disruption strategies for online child pornography

Holly Nguyen, MA, 2007-2009 – defended in June 2009
Youth criminal networks: Resources in criminal achievement

Andrea Spindler, MA, 2007-2009 – defended in September 2009
Gangs, groups, and delinquency: Does membership and organizational level matter?

Bryce Westlake, MA, 2009-2011 – defended in April 2011
Analyzing online child exploitation networks: An examination of severity and connectivity

Morena Anamali, Honors, 2010-2011 – defended April 2011
Adolescent Tobacco and Marijuana Use: Unstructured Socializing and Situational Opportunities

Sadaf Hashimi, Honors, 2012-2013 – defended April 2013
One War or Multiple Conflicts? Analyzing the Trends in Gang Violence in the Greater Vancouver Area

Mackenzie Hart, Honors, 2014-2015 – defended April 2015
An application of social network analysis to three Al Qaeda attack networks